The firetube boilers are ASME stamped and using prestigious brands of european burners, using 5% oxygen excess. The ECOVIS boiler is manufactured with 4 firewalls (Wet Back) and 4 steps of gases with efficiencies of 84-85%. It could use O2 meter and an economizer with a 89-90% efficiency.

a) It is a compact boiler, which means it can be installed in compact spaces.
b) It is of rapid evaporation, which helps it be ready to produce steam.
c) It is completely automated, so easy to use and maintenance requirements are minimal.
d) The CTH series was designed to render maximum output and efficiency

The CTH from ECOVIS is a four pass boiler, which means that the gases from combustion run along the entire length of the boiler four times before coming out of the exhaust, and thus leaving most of the heat inside.
It incorporates a new generation combustion chamber for Oil N.2, Oil N.6 and LP gas. It is equipped with the most advanced technology available in the market. Each unit is tested and tried at our facilities before it is shipped to our clients.


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