These boilers are manufactured in capacities 100H.P. to 3,000HP and pressures up to 42 kg / cm² (600 psi).
Boilers manufactured and ASME stamped
Manufactured in fire tube type and water-fire tube boiler depending of the application and design pressure.
Types of fire furnaces: Reciprocating “Ecomovil” and furnace fixed depending on the fuel to burn.The biomass that is burned is: Cascara Rice, nutshell, cob, Agave Bagasse, Wood, Coco, Coal, among others and which can send us material samples for testing burned.
nutshell, cob, Agave Bagasse, Wood, Coco, Coal.
Advantages of boilers ECOVIS BIOMASS:
– No consumption of fossil fuels.
– Ecological by using renewable fuels.
– Save up to 80% compared to fossil fuels.
– Savings in fuel, their waste is converted into energy for processing.
– Easy maintenance and low cost.
– ROI in less than 24 months.
– Complies with all Mexican and international current standards.
– Tested and working equipment.
– Support national technicians.
-Complies With Mexican Official Standards of emissions to the environment.



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