The AUTOCLAVES of ECOVIS are manufactured and building and ASME stamped. They can be manufactured with Quick opening door systems and screws.They can be manufactured in diameters 1.2 meters to 3.0 meters and lengths up to 100 meters and pressures up to 21 kg / cm²(300 psi) and are manufactured in stainless steel and carbon steel for the following applications:
1. Consolidation of fiber.
2. Vulcanized rubber.
3. Woodworking (drying).
4. Vacuum drying.
5. Formation of plastics.
6. Chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
7. Armor plating.
8. Biological infectious.
9. System pouch bag.

Developed to sterilize:
1. Plastic packaging, paper, aluminum.
2. metal cans.
3. bottles and glass bottles.
4. Hospital waste, bags, etc.


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